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As an large manufacture and distribor of high-speed hydraulic impact hammer .

HC series of high - speed hydraulic ramming machine

HC series of high - speed hydraulic ramming machine

Domestic first, with the international advanced level of the first generation of HC-E series and the second generation of THC series of high-speed hydraulic compacting machine compacting machine since the beginning of this century has been available in the highway, high-speed railway, high-speed railway, airports and other high-level basis Construction and dam embankment, urban facilities construction and other fields has played an important role in the Chinese market holds a dominant position.

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HH series of high-speed hydraulic pile hammer

HH series of high-speed hydraulic pile hammer

Rammer God HH series of high-speed hydraulic pile hammer is the use of a number of patented technology developed a new generation of mechanical and electrical integration of multi-function hammering equipment. Hydraulic hammer hammer to adjustable impact strength, pile driving efficiency, not easy to damage the village pile, shift transfer convenient, more environmentally friendly and other prominent advantages, as a high pollution diesel hammer and low efficiency static pile driver alternative products.

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Hengda rammed God, the disease killer roadbed


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The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification,
CE certification of export products in Europe


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